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Truck driver recruiting is not an easy task. There are many truck drivers available and many carriers that need their services but for some reason, the truck drivers and the carriers never seem to be a perfect match. This however can be collected by using the services of truck driver recruiting agencies.

There are many carriers out there that have recorded success from truck driver recruiting but there are still those that are struggling to thrive in this. If you have not had success before here are 3 keys that you can use to get past the truck driver recruiting process triumphantly.

Get Leads In real Time

Yes, it is now possible to get truck driver leads in real time. This therefore means that you can see the leads available immediately when they are available in the system. This is very helpful in ensuring that you do not lose out on some leads along the way. With real time leads you have a higher chance of converting.

According to a research done by Harvard Business review if you contact your lead within 5 minutes of receiving the lead you are ten times more likely to convert that lead. You are also able to get leads anytime of the day meaning that you never miss out on any leads.

Get Exclusive Leads

Another key to use is getting exclusive leads. Usually when leads are generated they are sold to more than one company usually to about five companies. However when you choose to get exclusive leads you are sure to that you get the leads that you competition doesn’t have yet. This gives you the edge you need over your competition and you chances of getting the lead to convert are very high.

Exclusive leads are usually very high quality and therefore worth your money. With exclusive leads you are able to get the best leads based on any demographics you could have for instance employment type, type of haul, type of route and so much more. If you want leads for OTR drivers for instance you will be the only one receiving those leads as they come meaning higher chances of conversions for you.

Follow Up With The Driver Leads Immediately –

One of the biggest problems that many people have with conversion of leads is letting them go cold. After you have received the exclusive leads in real time then you should follow up with them immediately. This gives you a higher chance of having the leads convert.

As indicated earlier, the chances of converting a lead to a driver drop significantly after the first five minutes. Having a large volume of leads can affect how soon you are able to contact the leads. Having so many leads is not helpful if you are not going to contact them and convert them into drivers quickly. Ensure that you contact the leads you get immediately to increase the chances of converting that lead ten times more.

With these 3 keys you are able to not only get high quality leads but also convert them into the quality drivers you need.