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Our driver recruitment agency is unlike many others in the industry because we go the extra mile to ensure both the drivers and the carriers are happy and get what they wanted. It has become very hard for carriers over the years to find competent drivers that are qualified, reliable, and the best fit for their organization.

Our drivers go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are compliant. After that they go through our extensive and comprehensive recruitment process.

We have professional recruiters many of whom have been truckers before. This therefore means that they know the industry inside and out and provide invaluable insights to the drivers they are recruiting. In this manner our driver recruitment agency produces drivers that are higher quality than many other recruiters.

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Budgets vary depending on number of drivers needed and type.

Why Should Carriers Utilize Truck Driver Lead Generation

Need The Help Of A Truck Driver Recruitment Agency?

Unlike most  other staffing companies who  just link the drivers to carriers offering jobs but do not recruit them. Our driver recruitment agency saves the carriers a lot of time that they would have spent recruiting drivers. It is even worse when you have to recruit a driver and then find out that they are not the right fit for you or the driver finds out later that the company policies do not align with what they wanted.

Semi-Truck Driver Recruiting

With our truck driver recruitment agency you can be sure that the driver you get is well recruited. Our drivers are ready for direct placements in companies of their preference. This is enhanced by the fact that our system produces a perfect match between the driver and the carrier.

We provide different type of drivers to meet the varied needs many of our carriers have. We have drivers for dry van, flat bed, refrigerated, tanker, intermodal and hazmat. To ensure quality recruitment we have professionals from all these different areas. This has enriched the proficiency of the drivers coming out of SL Recruitment.

To ensure that we always have an inflow of quality drivers in our database we work with different companies with state of the art software that generates targeted leads. We therefore always have drivers to recruit and work into the employment market.


Need To Hire A Truck Driver?

We offer affordable services to our carriers. This is because the charges vary with the number of drivers that you need recruited. We have a wide variety of opportunities for our drivers. We can give them local, regional or OTR positions. There are also different terms for them from flexible pay like weekly payments, contracted positions, contracted- to-be –hired, permanent, temporary, and so many others.

Our recruitment process is personalized to meet all these needs and preferences that the drivers have. When we get the profile from the carriers about the drivers that they need we are able to provide a perfect match that can end up in long lasting relationships between the carrier and the driver.

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