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Getting truck driver jobs seems to be a hassle for many drivers. It is the norm for drivers to be hopping from one job to the other because getting a reliable job offer is really hard for most drivers, regardless of having good qualifications and ample experience in the industry. Most carriers are meticulous about the truck drivers they hire. They want reliable and proficient drivers who can help them take their businesses to the next level.

Trucking jobs are not hard to get because they are not available. It is because of the big gap that exists between what the drivers want and what the carriers are providing. However, through SL recruiting, many drivers have been able to land reliable trucking jobs that meet their preferences.

With our services many drivers are able to land their dream jobs. We have a recruiting service that is second to none. Our professional recruiters have been in the industry for a long time and therefore they are conversant with what the carriers want and what the drivers should do.

We have recruiters who have experience in driving different types of trucks which means invaluable knowledge to our drivers about different truck driver jobs. We not only find jobs for the drivers, we help them through the recruiting process and ensure they are ready for the job market.

Why Should Carriers Utilize Truck Driver Lead Generation

Why Work With Us?

We ensure it’s a perfect match – our main aim is ensuring that the driver and the carrier are extremely happy. Our system ensures that the driver is perfectly matched to the job opportunity they have been looking for. This also means that it is a perfect match for the carrier also. In turn this leads to a long lasting relationship between the driver and the carrier.

Truck Driver Recruiting Services

We have access to a wide variety of trucking jobs and with us you have so many of them to choose from. Whether you want local, regional or OTR jobs we have everything you might need. From dry van to flatbed, refrigerated to tanker we have all the jobs you could be looking for.

We are meticulous when it comes to choosing the carriers we connect with our drivers. We ensure that we have a wide portfolio of reputable carriers. Since we have been in the trucking business we know a lot about the available carriers out there and we only choose the very best. This is the reason why we have maintained a high placement and retention rate.

Better benefits

We do not only concentrate on the reputation of carrier but we also ensure that they have the best benefits for the drivers.

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Need To Hire A Truck Driver?

We are with you all the way – we are concerned with creating long lasting relationships with our drivers and carriers.

For the drivers we walk with you through the process to ensure that everything is going good and you are finding the Truck Driver Jobs you want.

Contact us today for the best trucking jobs in the region and say goodbye to job hopping.